Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One large drinking fountain

Lily has discovered a new limitless source of water. Today while I was fixing a sink out in our group room at work I had my special little helper trying to climb on my lap and see exactly what her daddy was doing. Well she stopped bothering me for a few seconds and then she said "mmm." I looked over to see her dunking her hand in the toilet and then drinking from it. I started freaking out and yelling for Ally. I was so repulsed by it that I told everyone that I saw. Well later during the night Lily disappeared and we found out where she was when a girl brought her and a soaking wet care bear out. Lily had been shoving it in the toilet and then sucking the water out of it. Well Lily does love puppies a lot, I guess why not take another step in becoming one.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm a Big Girl Now

No, we are not potty training yet (Mommy, wow...), but Lily is attempting another big girl milestone. She has decided that she will only eat at certain times when she can feed herself. Most of the time this is not a problem, because she is actually pretty fussy about keeping clean, EXCEPT...when she wants to use a spoon to feed herself. This picture is the result of her most recent attempt. Luckily, I stripped her down to her diaper first and we gave her a bath after. Her hands are in front of her face because she was clapping for herself.

Pretty Ponies and Crying Girls

Lily rode a pony for the first time! We picked the smallest one they had, but she was still afraid of it. We went to the petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point, and she loved all the animals--from a distance. She kept reaching to try to pet them, but when we got her closer, she would pull away and start whining. She couldn't quite decide what she wanted to do. I wanted her to ride the pony, so we waited in line. She was pretty excited to watch them, and kept barking at the ponies, because when you are 18 months, everything barks, right? Well, when it was finally our turn, we walked into the ring. She started crying immediately. I kept telling her that the ponies were very nice and I tried to get her to pet it, but she wouldn't calm down. Luckily, our pony was only half-conscious, and stood patiently. I finally got Lily on, and she kept crying. Mean mom that I am, though, I was determined she would stay on. Once the pony started moving, Lily stopped crying for a second, but quickly resumed the whining. She was quite the pitiful site. We did provide entertainment for everyone else waiting in line. I heard plenty of chuckles and "Oh, she is so cute!" Well, the torture only lasted for 2 and a half walks around the ring. As soon as Lily got off the pony, she was fine. We had to take a little stop in jail, though, to show her what could happen to girls that cry too much!

Return to Action

Hi, all!
How is everyone doing? I have been absent from our blog for a few days (or weeks!) and I am sorry for that. We have been really busy with work. This weekend we had our first day off in almost two weeks. Last weekend was our big fundraiser for the Academy. It is called the Scarecrow Festival, and it is a lot of fun, but a lot of work also. We worked for the most part in the face painting tent. These are a couple of my personal creations. I was quite proud of my creations. I have become very crafty in my old age!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Cottage Built for Three

Hi, so we have had some questions about where our blog name has come from. I was wondering if we could get some guesses. I will give you a hint each day until we figure out where it is from. Your hint is: it comes from a song from a movie (although we have taken some artistic license with the exact wording).

*Update: I guess that wasn't that hard after all. Alicia guessed it right, the name comes from the song, "My Little Buttercup," which comes from that classic movie, Three Amigos. For some reason Matt started singing that song to me when we first got together and then when Lily was born, it was changed to "a cottage built for three." And there we are!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Look at that little face. I love the big expressive eyes. She is so much fun to be around!