Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Zoo--Happy Birthday Tevin!

As I have written in a previous post, we love going to the zoo. This Saturday, we were able to go with a lot of our family to celebrate our nephew and cousin's 1st birthday. It was finally a warm day, which is nice, but can make the zoo seem twice as hilly. We had a great time seeing all the animals and spending time with family. Tevin is getting so big, and is walking all over the place. It was nice to see our niece, Bryn, looking happy and healthy, in spite of her broken arm. Lily was very concerned about it, and kept saying, "Ba-ba, oww," which is her way of saying that the baby was hurt, and she was worried about her. After spending several hours, we went to Sugarhouse Park and had a picnic in the shade of a large tree. We got to see the ducks and run around in the grass without shoes on. All in all, it was a very fun, yet tiring, day. Lily and I showered when we got home, and we both then promptly fell asleep, sleeping for about 12 hours! We had a great time. Happy Birthday, Tevin!

Guilbert Self Portrait at the Bird Show

Monday, May 26, 2008

This is the Place!

On the Saturday before Memorial Day, we visited This the Place State Park. Lily was excited as we turned the corner because she thought that weThe Saturday before Memorial Day the family were going to visit the zoo, but to her surprise we turned left instead of right. We did a few activities like making whistles, tops, and a stamping leather. We also saw a lame magic show, took a a train ride, and got candy canes. The pioneer actors were pretty good, however got creepy every once in a while because some would never come out of character. Lily had fun petting all of the animals, as long as she was with daddy.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all you Mexicans and Mexicans-at-heart, although I heard that it is really only people in the US who really celebrate this holiday. Matt, Lily, Angie, and I all went to a festival Saturday in Midvale and had some really good tacos, although I wouldn't recommend Aqua de Mango. It wasn't quite what I was expecting. Have some Mexican food yourself in honor of today!