Monday, August 18, 2008

A-ee, A-ee

Well, it has been pretty funny to me, but not so much to Matt, that Lily will occasionally call Matt by his first name. Matt, Matt, Matt! It has almost become a game with her. She will say Matt, and then we say, Who?, and she will say Daddy. But the last few days after spending time with my family, she has started to call me A-ee. She is doing it right now, and starts laughing when I turn around. I don't know whether to be bugged by it, or just happy that she is learning new words. She also has started to say her own name, after months of referring to herself as ba-ba, or baby. How do you feel about your kids calling you or your spouse by your first name?

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Arianne said...

We just say, "That's Daddy (or Mommy) to you, cutey". I'm not sure it discourages them, but goodness knows I have plenty of other things to be irritated or firm about. My kids can't really say my name, anyway.