Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jumpin' Jacks (and kids)

Last weekend, Matt's sister and her husband were out of town, so Grandma and Auntie had the three girls and Tevin, and they invited us to a local bouncing place with them. Obviously, I wasn't in any condition to jump, but it was fun to watch the kids. Lily was really nervous at first, but watching all her cousins be so fearless, she soon was getting into the fun. Auntie and Grandma jumped too! Here are some pictures:

Tevy and Auntie

Emmy in between bounces

Maddie sliding down

Climbing up the ladder

Getting tired

Grandma and Bryn

Lily and Maddie (Maddie kept trying to be a good big cousin and help Lily, but, of course, Lily had do it by herself!

Matt and Emmy

Belly shots of the non-jumpers

Everyone had a lot of fun (and got really tired out). Lily is already planning another trip!

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