Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Never Ending Winter

So today was a pretty nice day. I think that any day where I can wear flip-flops without my toes getting cold is a good one, and today definitely qualified. I got Lily some flip-flops over the weekend, and she loves to wear them too. Definitely a momma's girl in that regard. I have even got Matt, who hates toes, to wear them sometimes too. You just have to have the right pair. I am kind of a flip-flop snob. You can buy them for as cheap as a dollar, but I would not recommend it. I have six (6!) pairs of Reef's that I practically live in from April to October. They are the greatest. I did buy a pair of Simple flip-flops at Ross over the weekend as well, and they have treated me well so far. If you have any other kinds that you can't live without, let me know. Anyway, I have been thinking about it because it is supposed to get cold tomorrow. I heard there might even be snow! And it is almost May! Spring, where are you?

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