Sunday, April 20, 2008


Okay, yes, I did it. I went to a scrapbooking expo! As we were getting out of the car, I remarked to my friend that this was the sort of thing that I made fun of a year ago. Now, nothing against "scrappers"* but it just wasn't really my thing. But, as some of you may know, since Christmas, when I got a Cricut, I have gotten really gung-ho. As Matt says, it is good to have hobbies. There were still many, many people who are much more serious about it than I am, as evidenced by the ladies who brought huge bags and boxes (mostly on wheels) of stuff to work on while they were there. I am amazed at the talent and creativity of these ladies (and men, as I did see a few there). Maybe someday I will be that good... All in all, we had a lot of fun, spent too much money, and saw a lot of good ideas. Now if I could actually buckle down and start doing things with all this stuff I am acquiring.

*Just a note on scrappers, I was talking to Matt about scrapping, and he said, "What is that, the cool way to say scrapbooking?" I don't really think there is a cool way to talk about scrapbooking (are you catching the lingering ambivalence?) but I did think it was funny that I am picking up some of the lingo! What a nerd!

Here's a picture of a project I made at the Expo. It is an acrylic album put together with the Bind-it-All, a neat little tool that will punch holes through plastic, license plates, CDs, etc, and then bind them together.
*Here are a couple of other make and takes I did.

*I was sad I forgot my camera, otherwise I could have scrapbooked about the scrapbooking convention. How great would that have been?

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Alicia said...

I love the bind-it-all! fun isn't it? the projects look cute!