Monday, July 21, 2008

Eddie and Tommy came to visit, and they took Lily to see the "aminals." She LOVES the zoo, and now that we live so close, yes, we go there about once a week. The first picture is of Tommy and Lily. Her hair is done to look like giraffe horns. She only let me do her hair because I told her she couldn't go to the zoo unless she let me. Yes, I resorted to bribery. She has all that great hair, and I hardly ever get to play with it!

This is a picture of Matt not wanting a picture taken of him. This is how a lot of his pictures end up looking. Isn't that a nice forearm?

Matt, Lily, and Tommy at the zoo. Eddie must have been taking the picture. I told the boys they had to take pictures while they were there, and this is what I got. Better than nothing, I guess. I would have liked to see Tommy feeding the turkeys. He always claims that is his favorite part of the zoo.

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