Friday, September 12, 2008

Fresh Tomatoes

I went to the Farmers' Market this morning in the Murray Park (near 5300 South). Matt and I always make it a point to go at least a few times during the end of summer, because they have great produce. Today I got a bunch of peaches--not enough for canning, but definitely enough for eating, and maybe a fresh peach cobbler, my favorite! I also bought fresh tomatoes, and it reminded me that I hadn't had a fresh tomato sandwich in a long time. My mom used to make these in the summer. Here is the recipe:
1 ripe, fresh tomato (best when straight from the garden, still warm from the sun)*
2 slices of lightly toasted white bread (store brand is great)
A dollop of mayonnaise
Salt and pepper to taste
Cut the tomato in slices, spread one slice of bread with the mayonnaise, lay out the tomato slices, add salt and pepper, and top with the other slice of bread.
That's it, so good, so easy, and so yummy, and can only be enjoyed in summer when tomatoes are at their peak.
*Don't even think about trying this with store-bought, hydroponic tomatoes. It will just leave you disappointed.

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