Saturday, October 4, 2008


Through the magic of the internet, with one thing linking to another, to another, to another, I found this tonight:

Cute, right? This is the crib we picked out for our darling little girl right before she was born. This is the crib she has been sleeping in almost every night for the last 2 years and 4 months. This is the crib that I just tonight discovered has been RECALLED due to strangulation and entraptment hazard!!!
I had no idea, and the recall has been around since June. So, make sure you check out your crib and see if has been recalled.
We got ours at Babies R Us in 2006. Here is the official notice.
The good news is that we will get a voucher for the highest retail price, including sales tax, to use on a new crib of our choice from Babies R Us or Toys R Us.
Lily doesn't really need to be in a crib anymore, although Matt and I were talking 3 nights ago about how nice it is that she sleeps so well in it still. She never even tries to get out.
But, since we hope (crossing our fingers and our toes) that someday we will have another baby, we need to get it now while we still can.
And, I was noticing a few weeks ago that it had dings and scratches in it, and how it would be nice to get a new one!

So, to sum up, make sure to check your crib. The US Consumer Product Safety Commision website has all the info on any recall on anything. Make sure to check it out periodically.


Erin said...

OMG!! How scary!! I'm glad I read this since Keri and I just bought our first crib last week!! We found one at Babies R Us before we left but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately now) they wouldn't ship it to the UK! Thanks for the info, I will totally check into my crib! By the way your crib is darling!!

melissa said...

That is totally scary, but yet awesome at the same time. I'm totally going to look mine up because Tavin has thrashed his. He loves to bang his cars on it. Typical boy.