Thursday, October 2, 2008


I was just posting a comment on a friend's blog, and it got me thinking about a couple of things. Feel free to respond to my questions in the comment section below.

1-How do you respond to people's comments? Do you post a comment on your own blog, under the other person's comment? I don't always go back and look at the comment section of someone else's blog after I have posted, so I don't know if the person would see it. Do you post a comment on their blog under a possible completely unrelated post, in the hopes they will remember what they posted so they will know what they are talking about? And should you reference their post in your comment, even if it is something you might not normally comment on?

2-Is it proper blogging etiquette to always post a comment on someone's blog? I personally don't always, either because I don't have anything new to add, I am too lazy, I don't know the person (oops, does that happen?), etc. But I feel sad sometimes when nobody makes a comment on my postings. I like to know that people care at least a little bit to look at my blog. But, just because I don't always comment doesn't mean I don't care, right?

3-How do you feel about posting on a blog for a person you don't know? Come on, I know you all do it--blog hopping, blog stalking, whatever you want to call it. I know I do--I even have a few links to people I have never met. My mother-in-law reads my sisters' blogs to find out what is happening in the family, not technically looking at a stranger's blog, but still.

4-Would you like strangers posting on your blog? Obviously this question is for people with non-private blogs. I assume most strangers don't get invited to read private blogs.

5-Why don't you leave comments on my blog? I know you read it, because you tell me so later. (You know who you are!)

Also, based on this blog post, can you tell where I am at in the cycle?


Elizabeth said...

I try to leave comments and I usually respond to other peoples comments on my own blog....but it depends on the situation! I don't always have time to leave comments, so I just don't and I probably never leave comments on the blogs of people I am staking! I'm too afraid they will then set it to private. LOL

Rachelle said...

I never know how to respond to questions that people ask in my blog. Lately, I have just been answering them in my comments section. I figure if they want to know badly enough, they will check back. But, good question! I love it when people comment because I like hearing input from my friends, but I am certainly not offended if people don't. I'm probably not a good person to answer your questions because I have a lot of the same questions myself!

The Barber Bunch said...

I've decided to follow suit and post a response to your comment under one of your posts. So hopefully you remember what you posted :) I think I like the idea on Facebook where you can send messages. It's not all wall posting, but private messages too. Our blogs need that feature. Moving on, 9 am or 9 pm?? I was confused about the zoo thing. And about the Body thing, whenever is fine. Mark is always working pretty much, so don't count on seeing him. Just let me know when you are planning on going and I'll probably tag along. Any idea of the price?

Jennie said...

Okay, now I'll leave a comment. I am one who thinks about leaving a comment, but then I decide not to because I'll talk to you about it privately or at another time. Truthfully, I check out your blog every day, but you would never know it. Anyway, keep blogging away, I'll keep looking at it and we'll all go on our merry way... I think that sounds good!

Char said...

I'm a commenter because I figure I can't expect other people to comment on mine if I don't comment on theirs.

I never know about the questions. I keep track of all my blogs in Google Reader and once I click on that post and comment, I probably won't ever find it again. I don't have much of anything bookmarked.

And, I saw your sister and Lily at Smith's yesterday. Lily is so SO cute.

Connie said...

I read your blog a lot, but don't always comment. I like getting comments on my blog, but I don't get very many. Like you, sometimes I wonder if anyone reads my blog. But I figure it's really for me anyway, so it doesn't matter. I don't always remember to check for answers to questions, if I ask them.

Connie said...

Oh, also I don't comment on stranger's blogs and I have mine set so that I have to approve comments on mine. That way I have a little control over who comments.

The Kemps said...

I like your train of thought. Seriously, I miss our late night talks! I have fond memories of my Virgina 5 roomie.

In response, to your post. I don't post comments if I don't know the blogger. I try to leave comments, even if they're short, mostly to let the blogger know that someone read/enjoyed their post. If I'm asked a question in the comment section, I comment below their comment then click the box for the follow-up comments to me emailed to me, since I check my email daily, I figure I'll know if they responded to my comment.

BTW-I think your blogs are adorable!! Love the backgrounds!

Ally said...

Wow, thanks for all the comments on my post about comments. I have never seen the box to email follow-up comments! I will have to use that in the future. I knew that you could set your own blog to email you automatically when someone comments. It looks like people enjoy comments, so watch out on your own blog!

Arianne said...

Hey Ally,

Well, here's proof about my commenting practices. Many times I draft comments but get distracted before I finish and hit publish. That happened to this post. Anyway, here are my answers:

1-If it's an easy to answer question that I think others might like to know the response, I go ahead and comment in my own comment section. If it's more private, I'll e-mail or call the person. A couple times the answer was something significant enough to me that I made an entire new post in response. In general, I consider the comment section a place for very loose conversation.

2-I'm no expert on blog etiquette, but I do try to make sure I drop some sort of "hello" note from time to time. If I've done so recently and the person puts up new stuff, I don't feel a need to comment every time I visit. If I don't have anything worth contributing, I don't say anything.

3-I try not to blog-stalk. When I find ideas on craft blogs or whatever, many times I try to leave a brief thank you. But I'm just as likely not to. Even though they can't see me, I feel like I'm talking to strangers. Weird, I know, but I have trouble making appointments via telephone, too.

4-Yup, my blog's private for a reason.

5-Love ya, Ally.

melissa said...

I am dying laughing. You and Nicki both have such a talent...humor. You keep me coming back for more with every entry on your blog!

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