Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How To Make Cookies by Lily

1-Have a tall chair so you can reach the mixer. Hold back your hair so you can see.

2-Get a measuring spoon for the flour. Be sure not to spill while Mommy takes your picture.

3-Carefully pour the ingredients in.

4- (not pictured) Spank the dough's bottom while Mommy rolls the dough out.

5-Press the cookie cutter carefully into the dough. Let Mommy pick up the cutouts, or else we will have to keep rolling the dough again, and again, and again...

6-Bake the cookies in the oven and let them cool overnight in a big bowl.

7-Get some frosting and add some food coloring. Stir well.

8-If you accidentally spill some food coloring, use a napkin. Don't lick your finger to try to get it off.

9-Examine the cookie for any defects. If it looks broken, go ahead and eat it.

10-Make sure your Daddy helps.

11-Show Daddy how to lick frosting off your finger.

12-Share with Daddy. Check out his black tongue!

12-Have everyone help out. This is my Aunt Judy (or as I like to call her, Jewey!)

13-Help clean up by licking the knife clean. Make sure the knife isn't sharp!

14-Admire results. Share with friends and neighbors, but make sure to leave a few for yourself! The first two pictures are everyone else's cookies, but the last picture...

Shows all MY cookies!


Reagan Family said...

Lily looks so grown up! Tell her next time to send the cookies my way!

Melissa + Brett said...

Lily is gorgeous. She has the cutest hair!!!