Saturday, December 27, 2008

Snowy Day Fun

On the Saturday after Christmas, we went to the school where Matt's dad taught to go sledding. It was a bit of an impromptu activity, so we had to frantically find Lily some boots and gloves, but luckily we had her coat and Matt's sister, Jennie, had an extra snow suit, and she was good to go.

Here she is (in the middle) with her cousin Brynlee, contemplating the hill:

Getting strapped into the sled. Jennie had this awesome sled that was made for toddlers, with a seat belt and a tow rope.

Grandma, pulling Lily up in the hill in the sled. Brynnie was helping.

Daddy pulling Lily up just a little higher.

Lily headed toward the end of the run. I think there's a smile in there.

Lily at the bottom. There's definitely a smile. I can also see what appears to be a double thumbs-up, but really, they are just really big gloves (mine). I think she had her hands balled up in fists inside the gloves.

This is Grandma after she went down the hill. She said that she thought someone at the bottom was going to catch her, but she ended up hitting a bump and doing a somersault. This was the aftermath. I think she was okay after a few days.

"Wow, that was fun, but I am tired!"

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