Monday, December 29, 2008

A budding photographer

Lily got her own camera for Christmas, but since it doesn't really take pictures, she still likes to use Mommy and Daddy's (with strict supervision, of course, following the demise of two, TWO, former cameras).

Lily taking a picture with her camera.

Here are some real pictures taken one day by Lily that I thought were her best:

A picture of me taken by Lily from the backseat. I tried to get her to lift the camera up, but seeing it was futile, I ducked down as far as I could to try to get in the frame.

A couple of pictures of Mandy. I think they are kind of arty. Mandy wouldn't let me save the pictures of her rear that Lily took.

A picture of Mom. "Oh, another picture? Great!"

And finally, a picture taken by me of the artist.

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