Friday, January 2, 2009

I heard that what you do the first day of the year, you do all year...

I was on-call for my very part-time job on New Year's Eve, so we just hung out at home, but the next day, we went to Matt's mom's house for some fun and food. The following pictures may get me in trouble, but I did try to get them to look at me.

Here is Matt's mom and his sister, Amber.

Our brother-in-law, Brandon (Jennie's husband).

Jennie, Matt's sister. She wasn't feeling well, and she was at the very end of a book she had gotten for Christmas. I completely understand the feeling of not wanting to be bothered when you are trying to finish the very last few pages!

Amber's son, Tevin. He likes to wear other people's shoes. I found him wearing my shoes at least 3 times.

Jennie and Brandon's littlest, Emalee. She just turned a year old, and is the cutest thing. She has been walking for a little while, and it is crazy to see this little girl just toddling around.

Maddie, Brandon and Jennie's oldest, with her cousin Lily. This is Grandma's back room, and I continually found Lily back here when she was feeling overwhelmed with all the people.

Here are a couple of pictures of the food. Jennie and Judy made some great dips, and Matt made some yummy sushi.

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Jennie said...

Those are some mean pictures! All I can say is... Payback!