Monday, January 5, 2009

Sleepy, Sleepy

I don't know why, but I seem to capture a lot of moments when Lily is sleepy or sleeping. Maybe because she is actually calm enough for me to get the camera before she moves, or maybe just because I think she is just so darn cute, who knows. Here are some pictures of Lily from the holidays, being very sleepy. I am sure you will notice the ubiquitous thumb in the mouth, a common sight when she is tired (it has been her mouth's constant companion practically since birth).

Lily opening presents on Christmas morning

Lily after a hard morning of swimming

After a day spent with Ryker, Lily's cousin. Notice all the things she has to have in her bed to be able to sleep properly. Oh, and yes, she is in a toddler bed, but she likes to have the crib railing propped up next to her bed. If it didn't involve me having to find some tools, I should probably just put the crib back together, since she still likes that security.

Lily just waking up, with bed-head. Wait, do I actually see a smile? And doesn't she have great hair?

Lily on New Year's Day


Crazymamaof6 said...

she is DARLING! super cute pictures of Lily sleeping. and she does have FABULOUS hair!

it's me Crazymamaof 6 from truly delightful in every way.
thanks for being a lurker. i see hits from you often. thought i'd stop by with my spare time and comment.

have a great day!

Leann said...

Hey Matt this is Manny & Leann "2 Jack's Pizza". Remember us? I found your blog through Jeff's, hope you don't mind. Anyways thought I'd say Hi. Your little girl so cute.