Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who do they think is watching?

I spent the day today first at the hospital getting (finally) a D and C, and then sleeping off the anethesia, and it is now after midnight and I can't sleep. Matt is asleep (he has to be at work at 7) and Lily has been asleep since we picked her up from her grandma's house (she fell asleep in the car at around 6:30 and has been asleep ever since--they must have really worn her out!), so I am on the computer doing nothing, with Jon and Kate plus 8 in the background. I have this theory about tv commercials and who advertisers think is watching:

1-Daytime TV: The commercials are either a) go back to school and get a better career (usually through Eagle Gate college or ITT Tech), b) payday loans, or c) Medicare/elderly people-related things such as medications, wheelchairs etc. So the only people who watch daytime tv are people with really sucky jobs, people who need money, but don't have a good way to get it, or old people.

2-Late night TV: The commercials are a) sleep aid commericals or b) male enhancement and/or phone chat numbers, such as LiveLinks. So the only people who watch late night tv are insomniacs or lonely/desperate people.

Since I have watch tv occasionally at these times, who does that make me?