Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hawaii, Here We Come

Matt's mom brought Lily home this outfit from Hawaii, where she went recently. I have never been there, but the way she describes it, it sounds like paradise. Now, I have seen enough "Dog, the Bounty Hunter," to know that it's not perfect there, but white sand and blue ocean would be nice to live next to. She said that she would like to live there someday, but only if her family were to come also. Sometimes I just get an itch to have an adventure, and I think that would be a good adventure to have. I have also, only half-jokingly, been looking at what it would take to have Matt teach in Mexico for a year or two. When life gets stressful, that is what we say, "Let's go to Mexico." Maybe things have been stressful lately, because I am starting to believe it. But for now, we are happy to be in Utah.

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