Sunday, September 9, 2007

Its All Greek To Me

Well, we went to the Greek festival over the weekend. Ally got free tickets with $20 in vouchers to spend while we were there. We planned on Mandy coming with us, and she did just on E.S.T. (Eynon Standard Time) which translates into 1 to 2 hours late. So got there just in time for the large rush of people that lined up to get into the festival. We got in there and they had a small bizarre going on. There was quite a few jewelry stands and I saw a Russian nesting doll and wood boxes stand, oh and don't forget the books found at the D.I. and then resold at $6-$40. We then went into the church which was
pretty cool. It was really beautiful, full of stained glass and other things. We then hit the line from hell. We sat in a line for food for nearly 2 hours while two guys swore a whole lot behind us, and the line slowly just inched forward with people with two beers cutting in between us. When we got to the food we realized that it was too late to eat there and we had to go home, but the food was delicious and our breath stunk of onion and garlic. It was quite the experience, but it will take a few things for me to go back again.
  1. I start drinking a whole lot, so I am drunk through the food line.
  2. I find my Greek roots.
  3. I go before 5:00 in the afternoon.
  4. I don't shower for a week so I smell so bad that no one wants to be near me.
  5. Sit and watch the dancers and make people stand in the line for me.

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